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Rep. Schmaltz: We need to fix failing state agency, not target homeschool and foster families
RELEASE|December 8, 2023

State Rep. Kathy Schmaltz today called for action to address systemic problems within Michigan’s child welfare system after the attorney general charged two Lansing area couples with abusing dozens of children placed in their care through the state’s foster system.

Far too often, the state fails to detect abusive situations and Child Protective Services inadequately protects kids even after abuse is reported. Yet some lawmakers are wrongly using the horrific circumstances in the latest abuse cases to call for policies that would require all homeschool students to register with the state.

“The recent abuse cases shed light on systemic failures within the Department of Health and Human Services, underscoring the urgency to find solutions that protect our kids,” said Schmaltz, R-Jackson. “It’s important to stay focused on fixing the problems we know exist within the system – problems that one of the individuals in this case knew how to exploit because he was a former DHHS employee.”

Schmaltz said using this case as an opportunity to unfairly target Michigan families who homeschool is wrong.

“Moms and dads who homeschool their children are not the problem,” Schmaltz said. “People have the right to choose their children’s education free from government oversight. We also have many dedicated foster families who help care for children. Let’s not blame the families and parents who are doing the right things for their kids.

“Let’s focus on finding real solutions to address the recurring problems within the state’s child welfare system. The vulnerable children within our system are relying on us to keep them safe and provide the care they deserve.”


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